She said YES!

Save the date, we're gettin' hitched


May 02, 12:30 PM

Our Story

It took George longer than Eimilé would have liked to finally sit her down and ask her out, nearly two years into their time at university. The following year they were inseparable and when all the studying was done they stayed and settled in Nottingham, spending 18 months in a city they had grown to love. At the start of 2016 they set sail for Manchester‪ on a new adventure and now, having lived in five different flats since leaving uni, they’ve settled in their own place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It was there that George popped the big question, after spending their dinner out beforehand doing all he could to cover the bulge in his pocket (the ring, of course). They had their first child, Eric, in October 2017, and little brother Albert followed two years later. They are said to be delighted that Mum and Dad are finally tying the knot and yes, of course they will be scampering down the aisle as ring bearers.


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